Danish rock band REDWOLVES recently released a new single ‘Letting You Go’, and now you can check out the video to the track.

With a hard rock sound, ‘Letting You Go’ has plenty of killer riffs, with an anthemic vocal and the new video is one you should definitely check out.

Originally formed by guitarist Simon Stenbæk and vocalist Rasmus Cundell in 2008 as Awesome Mr. Powerwolf , the band changed their name to REDWOLVES in 2014, due to a controversy with a record label which owns a part of the name. Releasing their debut EP ‘Wake UP’ in 2013 and with various line up changes over the years, the band are now forging ahead as a 4 piece.


Simon Stenbæk – Guitar
Nicholas Randy Tesla – Bass
Kasper Rebien – Drums
Rasmus Cundell – Vocals

Photo credit: Kasper Rebien