Southern California IDLEWAR have released their 5 track EP ‘Dig In’.

With a hard rock opening that thunders its way through ‘Chunk Of Me’, IDELWAR mean business from the outset. With a stoner undercurrent through the entire EP, it thrashes hard and heavy, with a drum beat that slams and a rhythm that smashes through every track with immense force. With a vocal that almost rages at times, but still retains a melodic tone, the filthy riffs of ‘Out Of My Head’ fuzz their way through this monster track. ‘Eleventeen’ raises the bar even higher with a riff that is out of this world, dark, heavy, brooding, it is a commanding track and one that immediately stands out. With ‘Feel The Pain’, it is more than heavy on the stoner side, as a deep set grooving guitar compliments that soaring vocals and rounding off with more of their signature sound, whilst ‘Stronger’ continues the gritty vibe this band have.

One listen to ‘Dig In’ and you are going to be impressed at the sound of IDELWAR, this is one EP to bury yourself in a whole lot more.

Hailing from Orange County, California, IDLEWAR is a three piece rock band in the best tradition of a power trio. Formed in 2014 the band has been working hard writing and recording. The result of that hard work is the 5 song EP ‘Dig In’, which is already receiving great early reviews. Hearing this band is a visceral experience, with driving rhythms, riffs to remember and vocals of impassioned grit. Carrying on in the hard rock tradition of bands like the Foo Fighters, AC/DC & Aerosmith, IDLEWAR also merges elements of bands like Clutch, Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age to carry the torch of rock into the modern era. IDLEWAR is about to be in the thick of things.

‘Dig In’ is available from iTunes and from their bandcamp page.

‘Dig In’ Track Listing:

1. Chunk of Me
2. Out of My Head
3. Eleventeen
4. Feel The Pain
5. Stronger