John Graham

John Graham has released his second single ‘Something New’, which is taken from his latest album ‘Cold Sun’.

The single is a contemporary indie rock track, with a melodic vocal over a hypnotic and driven beat. As Graham has previously released music under the name of Quivver in the house and techno style, this new sound is a new direction for him, but one he manages to accomplish in style.

John Graham’s debut solo album ‘Cold Sun’ is available on Distinctive Records.

UK born but now US based, John Graham has gained success across many genres, and has previously had record deals with Virgin, Warner Brothers and Hooj Choons. His album ‘Cold Sun’ has been in the making for many years, being written in snatched time between full time work as a house and techno DJ and producer. It’s release is the culmination of an ambition John Graham has had for many years – to create a collection of songs that don’t fit neatly into a specific genre, and demonstrate just how versatile his writing can be.