Luna Sands

Brisbane based Luna Sands have released their third single ‘Wake Me From Sleep’ through Sydney based label The A&R Department and Tape Records.

The song takes on the concept of dreaming, and being truly alive in our dreams. Frontman of Luna Sands, Allen Ellis explained his inspiration for the song as: “In a place some call the dreaming, between the borderlines of the awake and slumber you may find your lucid self. Here you are released to live out your dreams and desires where unrequited love and deeper longings are made perfect. How you get here may require a spell of medicine, a kiss from hades and for others the hand of midnight! Returning to your daily routine a tired reality sets in which suggests that maybe we are sleepers waiting to feel awake, made only possible in our dreams.”

Luna Sands began as a studio project in late 2012, and after reworking and refining their sound for two years, they have completed recording their debut album ‘Tales of Night’ in 2014. The first half of 2015 has seen Luna Sands demonstrate their style of psych grunge across prominent Brisbane venues such as The Zoo, The Triffid, and The Brightside.