Travel Lanes

Philadelphia based Travel Lanes have released their new album ‘Let’s Begin to Start Again’.

With 12 tracks of a rock sound, whispers of a southern style over melodic guitars, the gravelly vocal compliments the heavy rhythm. With each one of the tracks offering a delicious soundscape, this is one album you should check out.

Travel Lanes was created on a whim…..or a series of whims. Answering, or commenting to a Craigslist ad, led to the formation of the group. Four guys deciding to meet in a room to play music was an accomplishment in itself. A well received EP was quickly recorded over the space of a year.

‘Let’s Begin to Start Again’ is an emotional, personal, passionate record, and the songs have attached themselves to each of us in their own special ways.

The album is available from CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.

‘Let’s Begin to Start Again’ Tracklisting:

1. Class Trip
2. In the World
3. No Go
4. Little Outta Love
5. 100th I Told You
6. The Year
7. But I’m Not
8. TA
9. Death
10. Cream Soda