Chron Goblin

Continuing with Ripple Music’s quest to sign the best bands on the planet, Canada’s heavy-riffin’ four-piece Chron Goblin have today announced their signing to the California-based label– home to the likes of Sweat Lodge, Mothership, Mos Generator and JPT Scare Band – along with details of their third, forthcoming album, ‘Backwater’.

Venturing to Portland to work with Adam Pike at Toadhouse Studios in February 2015, the band’s intention was to explore the heavy sonic principles of the Pacific Northwest and embrace Portland’s music scene.

Swagger and muscle, charm and wit, Chron Goblin pair melody with aggression and groove for a fresh interpretation of heavy. Following the success of 2013’s sophomore album ‘Life For The Living’, and having toured the UK, USA and Canada, the band’s third full-length album ‘Backwater’ picks up where the former left off. Holy Grove vocalist, Andrea Vidal, features on the ethereal first half of ‘The Wailing Sound’, a track offering contrasts to brain pummelling heavy rockers such as ‘Fuller’, ‘Give Way’, and the meandering complexities of ‘The Return’.

‘Backwater’ will be released via Ripple Music worldwide on November 13 2015. In anticipation of the album release, Chron Goblin have released their track ‘Fuller’, which naturally we think is awesome!