The White Buffalo

Earache Records is very proud to announce a European deal with California-based recording artist The White Buffalo for his new album, ‘Love and the Death of Damnation’.

Led by singer/songwriter Jake Smith, The White Buffalo is probably best known for his numerous song placements in the TV series Sons of Anarchy, including the series finale song ‘Come Join the Murder’, a song co-written by series producer Kurt Sutter and nominated for an Emmy for ‘Outstanding Music and Lyrics’.

‘Love and the Death of Damnation’ features a brand new set of authentic and evocative bad-ass dark blues tracks including Smith’s first ever duet ‘I Got You’, featuring vocalist Audra Mae (the great-great-niece of Judy Garland who sings on Avicii’s smash hit ‘Addicted to You’).

‘Love and the Death of Damnation’ is released today in the US on Unison Music and will be available on digital platforms in Europe beginning from next week. The album will be released on CD and vinyl in Europe in early 2016 with additional bonus material.

Pre-order ‘Love and the Death of Damnation’ now in Europe at

The White Buffalo will be heading out on tour across the US and Canada this October, with plans to tour Europe in the near future.

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‘Love and the Death of Damnation’ track listing:

1. Dark Days
2. Chico
3. Go the Distance
4. Radio With No Sound
5. Home Is in Your Arms
6. I Got You
7. Modern Times
8. Last Call to Heaven
9. Where Is Your Savior
10. Rocky
11. Come On Love, Come On In