Sunset Sons

‘She Wants’, the latest single from Sunset Sons, has been gaining a lot of radio plays recently and with this catchy tune from the band it is easy to see why.

The single is out now through Polydor as part of the ‘She Wants’ EP, and is available via iTunes.

Sunset Sons are four friends – Rory, Jed, Rob and Pete – who are based in the idyllic French town of Hossegor. They came together through a love of surfing and cut their teeth playing riotous gigs to rowdy snowboarding crowds in the French Alps. “We played loads of raucous shows up there during winter,” says Rob. “It helped us get tight.”

Through word of mouth, they have amassed an underground following and their UK tour saw packed venues singing the words back to them. ‘She Wants’ will further rocket up attention in the band: a funky groove with an impossibly catchy melody, it’s set to be the breakthrough hit of the summer.

Sunset Sons have three releases under their belt already. The self-released ‘Le Surfing’ EP came out early last year and was followed by ‘No Bad Days’ EP on Polydor in November and ‘The Fall Line’ EP in March.