John Faye

John Faye has released a new video for ‘DNA’, ahead of his solo album launch later on this year.

With 2 decades in the music business under his belt, Philly rock veteran John Faye has truly taken matters into his own hands: his new solo album ‘Meddling Kid’ (which he is releasing a song at a time until the full record drops later in 2015) is an artistic tour-de-force on which he plays every instrument and sings every note (with the one notable exception of inviting all of his colleagues from his former band IKE to sing gang vocals on his remake of that band’s signature hit ‘Into Philadelphia’). The lead single ‘D.N.A.’ is a scathing rebuke of skin-deep relationships and snap judgements in the age of Tinder and short attention spans.

John Faye has amassed an impressive musical resume dating back to his major label days fronting 90’s alt-rockers The Caulfields, whose single ‘Devil’s Diary’ cracked the modern rock top-40, and whose album tracks landed on soundtracks for Disney’s ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ and ‘Melrose Place’, to his first solo foray The John Faye Power Trip.