Stoned Jesus

Stoned Jesus have released their new album The Harvest.

With monster stoner riffs that explode into the 6 track album from the opening notes, ‘The Harvest’ is 100% proof that the rock scene has not taken its last breath. The are an abundance of hooks that are drenched in fuzz as well as those delicious dark and deep rhythms that only this genre of rock can produce, with melodic vocals that power their way through every track. If you like stoner rock, then Stoned Jesus is a band that you have to hear.

Stoned Jesus is a trio hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, which has been one of the biggest bands to emerge on the Eastern Europe stoner scene these past few years. Formed in 2009 by guitarist and vocalist Igor, they first toured Russia and Ukraine extensively, after what they released their highly-anticipated debut ‘First Communion’. In 2011 Stoned Jesus kept exploring and changed direction with the ‘Stormy Monday’ EP, but it is mostly with their second full-length ‘Seven Thunders Roar’ that the band really drew attention ,pushing their song writing to another level. Less doom, more psychedelic, the album peaks with 16-minute long epic ‘I’m The Mountain’, which remains the most progressive and ambitious song the band has written so far.

After a slight line-up change and a couple of more material released, Stoned Jesus have returned in 2015 with their third album to date, ‘The Harvest ‘. One thing is for sure: it didn’t leave the fans indifferent, by getting away from the trio’s psychedelic roots to offer a more fun and straightforward approach. From its catchy hooks and compelling vocals to its darker auspices, ‘The Harvest’ can be seen as a red hot rock’n’roll meteor, probably the most ardent album Stoned Jesus has ever released. It will prompt you to jump in the pit asap, and mosh as if it was your last night on Earth. Louder!

‘The Harvest’ is available from their bandcamp page or via iTunes as a digital download

‘The Harvest’ Tracklisting:

1. Here Come the Robots
2. Wound
3. Rituals of the Sun
4. YFS
5. Silkworm Confessions
6. Black Church