Officer have released their lead single ‘The Waters’ in anticipation of the debut album ‘Myriads’ due for release on 31st July.

The single demonstrates intricate layers that build during the song, with textured vocals over rapid beat, as well as cascading melody.

Dc Logan AKA Officer, is a working class council estate-hopper. His debut solo release under Officer is eagerly anticipated by a loyal cult following. This year his fans, completely unbeknown to him set up a support network and had a whip round to raise the cash for him to ‘get recording these tunes for our headphones’, resulting in a 12 track album of indie soundscape songs written over the course of the last 10 months of touring and then recorded in London. This powerfully illustrates their desire and dedication for the songs Logan is writing and performing right now. His work seems to inspire this kind of response in folks.

His plans are for a full band tour in the autumn, up until when he’ll be packing out smaller venues with what have been described as ‘acoustic performances that induce total stillness in the most calamitous venues’.

He is Officer. A bit cool, a bit loveable and really not one to be ignored.