Andalusia Rose

Andalusia Rose have released a new 7 song EP ‘First Stone’.

Andalusia Rose from Oakland, California combine bluesy slide-guitar workouts with powerfully soulful vocals and fiercely punk roots. Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Wendy Lee Gadzuk, Jeff Vengeance on bass and drummer Paul Jarvis, they formed in 2012 under the watchful eye of Venus and smoldering patchouli incense. The band are veteran musicians from bands such as the 440’s, the Flesh Eaters, Skinlab and Suckerstar.

The album is available via iTunes, Amazon and all major digital retailers. Vinyl editions are available via Bandcamp on 150 gram black vinyl, 150 gram blue vinyl and 150 gram blue/oxblood splatter vinyl as well as available from the band’s website.

‘First Stone’ Track Listing:

1. Faith
2. First Stone
3. Coming Home
4. The Tide Abides
5. Destroyer
6. Let It Shine
7. The Rose