Toronto based band Mune have released their debut album ‘Falling Through’ via Culvert Music.

With dark textures, floating melodies, and lush atmospheres, their debut album conjures up a dreamscape of rich tones, delicate harmonies and vocals that glide through each track. With tones of a progressive nature, each track offers a different musical experience.

Formed just last year, 6 piece Mune are more than just your indie-rock band. In fact, they may be the scene’s deepest kept secret and ‘Falling Through’ is an album to gain a lot more attention for them. With the addition of synths to add depth to the songs, each song sounds layered with an upbeat sound.

The album is available from iTunes and Rdio.

‘Falling Through’ Tracklist:

1. Instinct
2. Fool My Senses
3. Veritas
4. Call To Arms
5. Touch
6. Khazé
7. Fortress
8. Stand Back