Powered Wig Machine

Powered Wig Machine released their latest album ‘Supa-Collider’ in the Spring and although only 7 tracks long, this has to be one of the most excellent stoner influenced albums released this year.

From the opening notes of ‘At The Helm Of Hades’ it grooves, bumps, grinds and generally has the most gorgeous of stoner riffs heard in a long time. With vocals that are raw and have a slightly unpolished edge to them at times across the songs, this adds to the depth throughout the album. ‘Led Masqurade’ is a fuzz-drenched monster of a track with a dirty rhythm that is almost obscene, whilst the extended guitar solo is a thing of beauty. ‘Here Come The Freaks’ ups the tempo with a hook that grabs your attention from the first notes and has you head banging along to it, as well as throwing some horns from the outset. Not every album has a song about Wizards, and certainly not ones that indulge in orgies, who also happen to be perverts that time travel, but PWM have managed to take an interesting and little known subject and transform it into a 70’s inspired song of greatness with ‘Wizard of Orgy the Time Travelling Pervert’. With its thunderous bass, handclaps and filthy riffs, this has to be one of the best tracks on the album for sheer brilliance.

‘Mother Rocker’ is a Mother F*cker of an epic track and continues what has been consistent throughout the entire album, how excellent every single track is on it, just when you think you have found a favourite, the next one comes along to make you love that one even more. ‘Supa-Collider’ does just that as is smashes into your ears and leaves them metaphorically bleeding at the heaviness of this track with such a delicious riff. Final track ‘I Got The Brain Of Hank Pym’ does indeed have super-hero qualities about it and there is nothing miniscule about the song in the slightest, with its massive sounds that manages to astonish with how divine the song is. Bonus track ‘Highish Noon’ continues to raise the bar and is certainly worth investing in the LP version for this track alone.

Powered Wig Machine have not only torn a page out of the “How To Rock” pamphlet, with Supa-Collider they have gone and re-written the entire genre. This is stoner rock at its very finest.

The album is available from their bandcamp page: http://poweredwigmachine.bandcamp.com/
As well as digital download, the album is available in CD and vinyl formats. The limited edition deluxe LP version contains a full download code and a special bonus track.


Supa-Collider Track Listing:

1. At the Helm of Hades
2. Led Masqurade
3. Here Come the Freaks
4. Wizard of Orgy the Time Travelling Pervert
5. Supa-Collider
6. Mother Rocker
7. I got Brain of Hank Pym
8. Highish Noon (LP Bonus Track)