Gem AndThe Deadheads

London based duo Gem And The Deadheads have released their debut album ‘Rebellion’ via West One Music.

First off was a track signed to Sleeping Dogs, a cult video game by Square Enix – that follows an undercover cop battling a murky underworld. Fitting perhaps, for a rock band defiantly ill at ease with most of their own industry. 2015 sees a full length album and this from a band who’ve never released an EP.

The explosive long player is as uncompromising as its founders. An antivenom to soft rock, listeners are led into an alternate world where rock music carried on from its high point in the 1970s and the band’s self-confessed nod toward Tarantino and US Midwest flavoured landscapes reverberates throughout.

Despite numerous calls from labels over the past 18 months, the group maintain that keeping their sound untainted or softened by marketing exercises and mainstream think tanks is paramount. To that end, the surprise long-play will be released on West One Music, with an intention to explore the label’s openings into film and TV soundtracking in detail.

The album is available from their Bandcamp page and on iTunes:

‘Rebellion’ Track Listing:

1. Automatic Response
2. Long Way Down
3. Bang Bang There Goes My Pistol
4. Just Like Me
5. Push Through it
6. How Much Do You Want It?
7. Rebellion
8. Transgression
9. Why Can’t You Feel It?
10. Feels Like Paradise
11. Hardwired