365 Sparks

Derry based singer songwriter Daveit Ferris has set himself an impressive goal of releasing a song for every day of 2015.

Inspired by a near death experience, Daveit set about creating a music project 365 Sparks with the idea to release an original song which will have been composed, performed and recorded by him.

Some may consider this to be a herculean task and near on impossible to sustain quality over quantity but having checked out a few of the songs, there is certainly a high standard throughout every song shared so far.

The project operates on a Freemium model, which means that all of the songs will be freely streamable to all, but there will be additional perks for those who wish to support the project with their pennies. With a year’s premium subscription of just £19.99 for the entire set of 365 songs including a box set on completion, to a song-by song package, it really is pennies to support an impressive project. More details are on the 365 Spark website.