True-psyche, post-metal, sludge, folk band WHOOP-Szo have released a new 7” vinyl single ‘Mirror North’ with ‘Odemin’ as the B-Side.

With an eclectic mixture of styles, the hypnotic sound moves into an element of sludge as the vocals swirl to a background of fuzz. Running at well over 6:00 min per side, this 7″ captures a band in a single room; ocean, old cabin, blueberry hill, bear shit and all. ‘Mirror North’ is a song bearing truths; delicate, fragile, but still overtly pummelling….with a beckoning phrase “Maybe I’m scared” running the length of the song.

The record is available from their bandcamp page: https://thenoisymountain.bandcamp.com/album/mirror-north-b-w-odemin

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WHOOPszo
Twitter: @WHOOPszo