Switchblade Jesus Texas based Switchblade Jesus have signed to Ripple Music and their debut self-titled album has just be re-released by the label on May 12th. Ripple Music have a strong history of signing many of the best bands and the addition of Switchblade Jesus to their roster is excellent news. The re-issue of the debut album ‘Switchblade Jesus’ is certainly one to be very excited about as it will bring them to a much wider audience, and everyone needs to hear this band. Although only 8 tracks in length, the album more than satisfies the musical tastebuds. Opening with the sublime instrumental ‘Into Nothing’, the power of the album is unleashed in all its glory on ‘Bastard Son’, as it knocks you out and leaves you gasping for breath. With its delightful stoner grooves prevalent throughout the album, this is guitar riff heaven, as the vocals weave their way through the tracks. Raw and intense on songs such as ‘Sick Mouth’, there is a frisson of excitement as you listen to the songs for the very first time and immerse yourself in the deep-set hooks. There is not one track on this album that you don’t find totally brilliant, as you head bang in time to the addictive beat that bumps and grinds its way through the album. ‘Renegade Riders’ has such a dirty sound to it that you wonder if it is illegal to have such thoughts about a track, they are certainly x-rated if nothing else and as the guitars groove their way through ‘Copperhead’, you are seriously left thinking this is the only album for you. ‘Switchblade Jesus’ is a monster of an album, Switchblade Jesus are a genius of a band, one listen to this album and you become a disciple to the church of fuzzy riffs. Well played Ripple Music, another awesome addition to the family. https://youtu.be/pNRp9uUhal8 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwitchbladeJesus?fref=ts Twitter: @The_Switchblade Bandcamp: https://switchbladejesus.bandcamp.com/ ‘Swtichblade Jesus’ Track Listing: 1. Into Nothing 2. Bastard Son 3. The Wolves 4. Sick Mouth 5. Equinox 6. Renegade Riders 7. Copperhead 8. Oblivion