Everclear’s ninth studio album, ‘Black Is The New Black’ has been released via The End Records/ADA.

The album is a diverse and timeless collection, without ballads and without nostalgia. This is a heavy guitar record. Across the album, the insistent kick of drummer Sean Winchester, athletic groove of bassist Freddy Herrera, and ridiculously skilled guitar shred of Davey French join forces behind the storm of giant guitar riffs swinging mightily from song to song. A bit of tasteful keyboards from Josh Crawley add atmospheric punch to songs that could crush a tiny dive bar or destroy the cheap seats in the world’s biggest arena with equal force.

Everclear have also released a lyric video for ‘The Man Who Broke His Own Heart’, a song that manages to encapsulate the spirited essence of everything that makes this band great. Confidence, self-deprecation, recrimination, and redemption all collide in the barnstorming rock radio anthem.

The album is available from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.



‘Black Is The New Black’ Tracklist:

01. Sugar Noise
02. The Man Who Broke His Own Heart
03. American Monster
04. Complacent
05. You
06. This Is Your Death Song
07. Simple And Plain
08. Anything Is Better Than This
09. Van Gogh Sun
10. Pretty Bomb
11. Safe