Did You See Those Bats

The ‘Loud Shirt’ EP by Did You See Those Bats is now available digitally at the Oscillations Records Store and on Did You See Those Bats’ Bandcamp page.

Did You See Those Bats is the musical brainchild of percussionist Joel Coronado and guitarist Chase Dungan, also of the band Other Lovers. ‘The Loud Shirt’ EP serves as a 4-song introduction to the duo’s forward-thinking take on progressive rock, math rock and psychedelia.

While Bats’ musical style are on full display on instrumental tracks ‘Flipbook’ and ‘Mammoth K’, the duo also shows a knack of ambience on the chill and demure ‘Telenovelas’. The EP’s most accessible cut, single ‘Zoom Out’, serves both as an amalgamation of the wide sonic palette at Bats’ disposal without watering down their progressive musical identity.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Did-You-See-Those-Bats
Twitter: @ThoseBats
Bandcamp: http://didyouseethosebats.bandcamp.com/album/loud-shirt