New York City noise-psyche outfit Whitewash have released their debut single ‘Tentacle’, ahead of the launch of their forthcoming debut album ‘Shibboleth’, which is due for release May 19th via Sad Cactus Records.

Described by Baeble Music as “”delightfully weird”, ‘Tentacle’ has a touch of an experimental sound about the track, but also incorporates retro tones as it grooves its way through the song.

Whitewash began channelling their own sound by experimenting with everything from bossa nova and noise rock and it does have a myriad of styles on the song that is hard to pin down to any one genre. Plus a band that describes themselves as an “intergalactic softcore pornstar rock outfit” is certainly worth checking out.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whitewashtheband
Twitter: @whitewashband