Chinese Missy

Chinese Missy are a four piece band from London, playing trashy rock n’ roll. Their new single ‘Blood On Your Hands’ is due for release 20th April to coincide with the general election.

As well as the single, the band have also released a politically (in) correct video, which is a welcome antidote to all the mind-numbing political spin currently swamping the news.

Chinese Missy have this to say: “If you cross Thatcher with Blair, what do you get? The world going down the toilet! Which is where you find our current crop of politicians, grooving with Chinese Missy! Given the stagnant nature of music and politics, ‘Blood on Yours Hands’ is here to shake up both voters and listeners!”

Had Marc Bolan and Joe Strummer fathered a child it might have sounded a bit like Chinese Missy. Trashy and raw rock n’ roll with a smattering of political comment, this is a guitar band which aims to make both your feet and mind move.

Twitter: @ChineseMissy