Organised Scum

When a band introduces themselves as being called Organised Scum, it rather grabs the attention as being perhaps a little bit edgy. When you discover their songs titles you are not entirely sure that they take themselves too seriously.

Organised Scum have just released their 4 track EP ‘ill Discipline’. With titles such as ‘Smack Me Up, Gun Bitch!’ with its slightly stoner grooves, the sounds range from indie on ‘Miswanting’, to a touch of shoegaze and whatever else they decided to throw into the mix across the four tracks.

The EP is available for digital download from their bandcamp site.

Not just about the music, on their website the band also have some interesting recipe ideas, including ones for that gastronomic delight – toast, so do check them out.

Website: www.

‘ill Discipline’ Track Listing:

1. Miswanting
2. Baby, You’re An Actant
3. Smack Me Up, Gun Bitch!
4. The Trademark Change of Heart