Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Horsehunter’s debut album ‘Caged In Flesh’ is set to become something of a new and thrilling masterwork of the genre. The album is due for worldwide release 21 April via Magnetic Eye Records.

Canned, scrapped, rewritten and rerecorded numerous times over an obsessive two-year period, the threateningly lyrical and brutally heavy compositions of ‘Caged In Flesh’ embody Horsehunter’s perverse and maniacal precision as a band.

Horsehunter has already drawn comparisons with likes of YOB, Neurosis and Shrinebuilder. From the gently creeping ‘Nightfall’ to the dynamic and progressive passages of ‘Witchery’ the four tracks on offer here showcase the talents of a young band with an arsenal of understanding.

‘Caged In Flesh’ was streamed exclusively via Metal Underground this month.

‘Caged In Flesh’ will be available in CD/LP and digital download formats. It is available for pre-order from iTunes and Merchnow.

Dan Harris – Guitar
Michael Harutyunyan – Guitar, Vocals
Himi Stringer – Bass, Vocals
Nick Cron – Drums

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‘Caged In Flesh’ Track Listing:

1. Stoned To Death
2. Caged In Flesh
3. Nightfall
4. Witchery