Rumble Mother

Sometimes it is better to let the band speak for themselves, and in the case of California hard rock duo Rumble Mother, their introduction covers pretty well what they are about.

Conceived in a record store, birthed in a garage, and raised in a civil union by two music nerds, Rumble Mother is, to put it quite simply, a pretty cool rock band. It’s basic, raw, abrasively loud stuff, the kind of music that makes your parents scratch their heads and wonder where they went wrong when raising you. The duo formed by guitarist Manny Loera and drummer Nick Schneider aren’t trying to make you dance – they want you to start a riot or spray paint a cop car or knock your boss’s teeth out. Or at least mosh at their shows. Disrupting the illusion of civilized society can come later.

Having initially released a garage-recorded single ‘Mercy Killings’, the band went on to record their studio EP ‘City Of Confusion’ in 2014. This 4 track release with its stoner groove, plenty of fuzz, heavy riffs and a slight hark back to a 70’s influence at times, has an excellent sound to it. With the rise in popularity of those bands who are a duo, Rumble Mother have got what it takes to be up there with the best of them.

‘City Of Confusion’ is available from their bandcamp page in either digital download or CD format.