Kindred Shins

Those loveable rogues Kindred Shins have released a new video for ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’.

Kindred Shins are notorious for their unique brand of filth and their ability to make an entire career out of just being bums, who occasionally satisfy the desires of their fans by teasing them with their excellent music.

The band describe themselves as “some mean sons of bitches who drink like pirates, smoke like cowboys and pillage like Vikings. Filthy hobo blues, that’s underwhelmingly good”, which doesn’t really do them justice, as they are far more debauched than they have modestly described, but always with a sense of mischievous intent.

Possibly considering releasing a new EP this year after their brilliant ‘Yes to Rioting Notoriety’ was released in 2013, their latest offering ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’ will leave you sated but also wanting more. So check it out and see Kindred Shins in all their filthy glory.

Just try not to get too excited. Unless you are at home. And possibly on your own.

Twitter: @KindredShins