Dive Exit

London based Dive Exit have certainly found a more interesting way to get themselves noticed, as their debut video sees the band throw themselves out of a perfectly good plane, in probably the most literal interpretation of the song title, ‘Living Dangerous’.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, singer Jonathan Davies also manages to lip-sync along to the song whilst hurtling towards earth. Apparently sky-diving is a passion of Davies, although watching some of the other band members in the video, it may not be that the entire band are quite as keen on this extreme sport.

The song itself is an impressive rock tune with a great melody, that is somewhat reminiscent of those iconic American bands.

It’s hard to know quite what the band will come up with for their next song, but it will certainly be worth finding out.

‘Living Dangerous’ is due for release on iTunes this month.

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Twitter: @DiveExit