Doll Circus

Welsh band Doll Circus have just released their debut self-titled 6 track EP.

Formed in 2013, band members Jamie (Guitar, Vocals), Jake (Bass, Vocals), William (Lead Guitar) and Doug (Drums) take their influences from an alternative sound and have produced an EP that is packed with melodic sounding guitars, as well as great sounding harmonies.

Tracks such as ‘Top Of The Hill’ and ‘Brain On Fire’ have a lighter tone with an undercurrent of an indie vibe to them, before the infectious sounding songs such as ‘Bonnie Hunt’ and ‘Chemical Mindfreeze’ get into your head from the very first listen with their grooving bass lines. Overall the tracks have a nice upbeat tone to them and this is a strong sounding debut EP from Doll Circus.

The band also have a couple of live dates in March and April:

5 Mar 2015 7:30 PM / Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
24 Apr 2015 7:30 PM / Focus Wales Festival, Wrexham (@South)

The EP can be purchased from the their website store!store/c1mkb
There is also a direct link to the store via their Facebook page and they are also on Twitter @Doll_Circus

‘Doll Circus’ Track Listing:

1. Play Nice
2. Top of the Hill
3. Bonnie Hunt
4. Brain On Fire
5. Chemical Mindfreeze
6. In Pairs