Tellus Children

Gothenburg band Tellus Children will be releasing their self-titled debut album on 27th February.

Miranda Bjerking Raeder (Vocals) and Boris Grubesic (Guitar) originally formed as an acoustic duo before being joined by Tove Brandt (Bass) and William Soovik (Drums) to form a rock band, than has influences from the 60’s and 70’s, whilst at the same time bring a modern twist to their songs.

‘Tellus Children’ was written by Miranda and Boris and is a collection of contrasting styles, with excellent vocals and harmonies that combine to make this album a powerful statement. Whilst the retro influences are very prevalent on the album, it has a modern feel to it as well, and it is a mixture of delicate tracks as well as a more rock based sound.

The album will be available on their own record label Fongo Records in vinyl and digital download format.

The website for the band is They are on Facebook

‘Tellus Children’ Track Listing

1. Mary Gone Mad
2. The Feeling
3. Rising
4. Seasons
5. Ash
6. Mother’s Revenge
7. Contribution
8. She´s On The Bed
9. Mantra
10. Living On Her Own
11. Figure Skating