Pet Politics

Pet Politics have just released a compilation album of songs recorded between 2005-2008 and is available via Swedish label Novoton.

Magnus Larsson started Pet Politics in Gothenburg in 2005 after playing with various locals bands for 15 years. All the instrumentation on the 13 tracks were performed and recorded by Magnus in his apartment over the 3 year period. Pet Politics also released two limited EP’s on the American label Catbird records, one limited vinyl EP on the English label The Great Pop Supplement and a song on a compilation record at the English label Stolen recordings. All these songs, as well as some unreleased tracks are on the Novoton released album.

The album is one of melodic guitars over delicate but powerful vocal, as well great harmonies. With a great production to the songs, and the array of instruments on the tracks, it certainly has an impressive sound to the album, which is also full of catchy hooks throughout.

The compilation album is available to buy in download format from Novation:

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The album is also available via digital download from Amazon and iTunes and is also available to hear on Spotify

‘2005-2008’ Track Listing:

1.The ghost Mary and her friends
2. Provence
3. The spring
4. Glass of champagne
5. In my head
6. Falling in love
7. Bridges
8. The cold wind blows
9. Taken away by aliens
10. Dark blue sea
11. When I get old
12. Life goes on
13. Sunday morning