London 2 piece Evawolf have just released their debut song ‘When The Truth Is Out’. Having shared a love of music from a young age, Joey and James bring with them influences from blues and rock.

‘When The Truth Is Out’ has a rich guitar sound but at the same time has a delicate touch to it as well and is an impressive sound from just the two of them. There are lush vocal harmonies that soar through the song, which has a melodic chorus that draws you in from the very first listen. Hearing influences from a retro indie sound, it makes a powerful first track from the band.

The band may be fairly new to the music scene but with a first song as excellent as this, they are going to be making an even bigger noise over the coming year. Evawolf are one of those exciting bands that you need to watch out for.

Evawolf are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/evawolfmusic and Twitter @evawolfmusic