Breaking Illusion

Hertfordshire based 3 piece Breaking Illusion have announced that their new single ‘I Am One’ is now available and is also to free to download from their website.

Founded in 2012, band members Richard Airey (Vocals/Bass), Chris Davies (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Lee Chitticks (Drums/Vocals) have already released a debut album ‘The Event’ to rave reviews. This was an album full of heavy guitars over melodic vocals, which also had a raw edge to them and was a powerful debut album from the band.

Breaking Illusion are now back even stronger with their latest single. ‘I Am One’, which has an immense sound to it from the outset. The single is full of crunchy guitars that also have a deep and heavy sound to them, along with a beast of a rhythm section that thumps it way through the entire track. The powerful and gravelly vocals compliment the heaviness of the music to make this an excellent single.

You can download the new single ‘I Am One’ from the website HERE

Breaking Illusion are also currently working on a new EP which should be available in the near future and if ‘I Am One’ is anything to go by, then this is going to be a monster of a record from the band.

The band are also playing some upcoming dates in the UK over the next couple of months:

5th February – The Asylum, Chelmsford
13th February – The Bear, Bedford
19th February – The Dublin Castle, London
2nd May – Two Rivers, Cheltenham

The website for the band is They are on Facebook and Twitter @Breakinillusion so give them a follow to receive updates from the band and to find out more about them, including live performances of Breaking Illusion on their website.