Whiskey Myers

Texas based Whiskey Myers released their 3rd album earlier this year ‘Early Morning Shakes’ and is full of southern sounding rock, with a cross-over influence of country that has been gaining attention outside of their home country over recent months.

Formed in 2008, Cody Cannon (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Cody Tate (Lead Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), John Jeffers (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Lead Guitar), Gary Brown (Bass) and Jeff Hogg (Drums) released their debut album ‘Road Of Life’ the same year with a follow up album ‘Firewater’ in 2011 which debuted in the Top 30 Billboard County Chart. However it was the release of the excellent 2014 album ‘Early Morning Shakes’ that has been the most successful to date, with a Top 10 Chart position and the band hitting the European market with a tie-in with Spinefarm Records.

The album has 12 tracks of the delicious southern hard rock sound along with 2 bonus acoustic tracks that are featured on the UK version of the album. Opening title track ‘Early Morning Shakes’ has guitar riffs that seems to glide through the song and with the raw southern sounding vocals it is country meets rock at its finest. ‘Hard Row To Hoe’, ‘Dogwood’ and ‘Shelter From The Rain’ all have a soaring guitar, the slide guitar and lap steel sound immense through many of the tracks on the album as well as a catchy rhythm section and melodic vocals. All of the tracks have a great production on them as well, with all the guitars and drums resounding through each song. ‘Home’ is one of the harder rock sounding songs on the album with riffs and a bass line that thumps through the track along with powerful vocals to become an instantly popular track. ‘Headstone’ again has heavier sounding riffs and with a foot-tapping rhythm as it thumps and grinds.

‘Where The Sun Don’t Shine’, ‘Reckoning’ and ‘Wild Baby Shake Me’ all have more of the lush vocals that along with the great harmonies of the backing vocals make every single track on the album a pleasure to listen to, with the various styles all coming together to make their 3rd album truly epic. ‘Lightning’ and ‘Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behaviour’ is full of memorable riffs that has you hitting the repeat button more than once as you can’t get enough of that southern tinged country rock. With ‘Colloquy’ it starts off with a gentle acoustic sound, the vocals edgy and raw from the outset as it builds to into an almost haunting song, gentle yet powerful it is a crescendo of sound before a final delicate ending to the track. The two acoustic bonus songs on the album ‘Ballad Of The Southern Man’ and ‘Virginia’ are still massive sounding tracks even though they are stripped back musically and fit perfectly alongside the rest of the album.

‘Early Morning Shakes’ is a brilliant album which means you are going to be hearing a lot more of Whiskey Myers in 2015.

The website for the band is http://www.whiskeymyers.com They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/whiskeymyers and Twitter @whiskeymyers. They can also be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Track Listing:
Early Morning Shakes
Hard Row To Hoe
Shelter From The Rain
Where The Sun Don’t Shine
Wild Baby Shake Me
Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behaviour

Bonus Tracks:
Ballad Of A Southern Man (Acoustic)
Virginia (Acoustic)