Manchester based 3 piece Blackballed have just released their debut album ‘Colossus’ which follows on from their brilliant self-titled EP released in 2013. Marshall Gill (Guitars, Vocals), Leon Gill (Vocals, Drums) and Tom Wibberley (Bass) have produced a ten track album full of huge riffs, a thunderous bass, thumping drums and melodic vocals that have a slightly raw edge to them, which is just how rock should be.

The opening track ‘Christine’ has a fast paced sound, the drums sounding massive from the outset. Add in the heavy riffs and bass along with the vocals and harmonies, and this song sets the whole tone of the album. With the riffs continuing, ‘SB’ and ’55 Groove’ have a solid bass line throughout and the rhythm section almost glides through the tracks, with the vocals soaring through both songs. ‘Believe’ which starts with a slow chant has a southern feel to it and the groove that runs through this track is epic sounding with a swooping guitar solo. ‘Olde England’ continues the heavy riffs from the outset and a dirty sounding bass and drums resonate through the track, whilst powerful vocals make this an addictive sounding song.

‘The Sting’ and ‘Medicine Mouth’ with their gritty vocals and thunderous rhythms continue to more than impress with just how strong this debut album is sounding and the production makes every track sound like a riff-fuelled monster. The harmonies on the tracks are rich and vibrant and every song is a delight to listen to. ‘Wasting My Time’ starts with a sleek rhythm that runs through the track with melodic vocals whilst ‘My Lover’ opens with a filthy sounding bass before epic riffs reverberate behind a catchy vocal. The album ends with ‘Losing Your Grip’ which again is packed full of that brilliant Blackballed sound, those raw and edgy riffs finishing off an album that has been excellent from the very first note to the last.

Blackballed have released a debut album that is full of epic sounding rock and ‘Colossus’ has built upon the strong foundations heard in their previously released EP. This is one of those albums you are definitely going to want to hear.

Below is the excellent track from their EP ‘C.O.M.C’. to give you a taste of just how great Blackballed sound.

The website for the band is where you can buy the excellent debut album. They are also on Facebook and Twitter @blackballeduk

Track Listing:

55 Groove
Olde England
The Sting
Medicine Mouth
Wasting My Time
My Lover
Losing Your Grip