US based DeadSleep have released a new video for their latest single ‘As Rain Washes Over’ which is full of heavy sounding riffs.

The sole person responsible to creating such a heavy sounding song is solo artist Desi Pena who not only recorded the track but also was responsible for the production as well.

Formerly of the band Element, Desi has now recorded a full length album ‘Falling to Pieces’ which was released in April this year and is under the label of DC label Potomac Records. Full of heavy riffs and melodic vocals, ‘As Rain Washes Over’ is a song designed to appeal to many metal fans and you can see the video below.

The website for DeadSleep is where you can learn more about Dez and his music and there are also links to additional tracks on SoundCloud on the website. DeadSleep are also on Twitter @DeadSleepBand and Facebook