Raven Eye


Award winning blues singer-songwriter Oli Brown has formed the new band RavenEye along with Aaron Spiers and Kev Hickman and with it brings a heavier rock sound. Some blues purists may not be impressed but the set tonight from RavenEye was testament to the fact that this is a rock band and a brilliant one at that.

From the outset it was a heady mix of gritty guitars, a grooving bass and thumping drums, the excellent vocals of Oli combining with the delightful harmonies from Aaron, and RavenEye had the venue rocking from the start. An electrifying performance from the band with songs such as ‘Get It Started’ and ‘Breaking Out’, full of dirty guitars and the vocals soaring over an addictive rhythm, everyone there was more than impressed with how tight the band sounded.

With a few in the crowd shouting for Oli not long into the set, there was soon an offer from him for the younger members of the crowd at the front to join him for the rest of the tour and a backstage pass, before continuing with the music.

Tonight it wasn’t just about songs from the EP as the crowd were also treated to a new song written just before the tour commenced ‘What Else’ which sounded in true RavenEye style and with a set packed full of great melodies it was rock at its very best. With songs such as ‘Run Away’ this was all about RavenEye as a band and how the talent of Oli, Aaron and Kev combined is going to bring with it a whole new fan base for the band. They are certainly our new favourite band, after watching an set that was too awesome to describe.

A natural showman, Oli had the crowd singing along to the song which is all about guilty pleasures ‘Hey Hey Yeah’, an epic sounding rock song live, and completed the final song of the evening ‘You Got It’ by jumping on the kick drum whilst still playing a monster guitar riff before bringing the set to a close.

Tonight it was all about the rock, RavenEye are a band that know how to make it sound great live and those there were certainly delighted by an outstanding set.