Cairo Son

London based band Cairo Son have certainly been making a name for themselves over the last few months. Featured on The New Rock Show on Planet Rock just over a month ago it gave music fans like me a chance to hear just how great this band sound. A rock band with huge heavy riffs, thumping bass and pounding drums behind melodic vocals made me instantly take notice of them.

Magdy (Vocals & Guitar), Rico (Bass) and Kris (Drums) are everything you want from rock music. Melodic with elements of stoner and blues, their debut album Heart Against The Feather is a brilliant album ranging from heavy rock to a delicious blues rock sound. ‘Burnt With Spite’, the track featured on Planet Rock is a great example of how great this band sound. Gritty riffs starting off the song before the vocals soar across the track delivering its powerful lyrics. With tracks such as ‘Heart Against The Feather’, ‘Troubled Man’ and ‘Confession’ delivering a powerhouse of epic guitar riffs, smooth bass line and thundering drums, musically you can’t help but to be impressed at how good Cairo Son sound. Add in the melodic rock vocals and this is an album you want to hear a lot more of.

Even the slightly more gentle sounding ‘Lost In Fear’ with its haunting vocals still sounds powerful, whilst the more blues sounding tracks such as ‘I Was Wrong’ and ‘Promises’ are full of dirty blues riffs that you want to play over again, a gravelly and very melodic undertone over epic rock vocals. With an album sounding this brilliant on their debut, Cairo Son have got that whole rock vibe and it’s just how I want my rock albums to sound.

With a recent headline gig at the Roadhouse, live shows at The Monarch and an upcoming show at Big Red, the band have also just been announced for support at the Rival State gig at the Black Heart in London as well. When a band sound this great you know their live shows are going to be just as epic to see.

If you like your music to be rock with a touch of blues with huge riffs and gritty rock vocals, then Cairo Son are the band that you want to hear. You are definitely going to be hearing a lot more of this band in the future.

The website for Cairo Son is You can hear them on Spotify, ReverbNation and SoundCloud. Their songs can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon. You call also follow them on Facebook and @cairo_son on Twitter. The band have also been chosen as the final 6 for the Firebrand Rock Radio and Magazine ‘Band of the month’ competition, you can cast your vote for them here.