Fire Red Empress may come across as a band that are a little bit enigmatic but there is nothing mysterious about how much they know about creating songs that are what rock should be all about, songs that stick in your head with huge rock riffs, a dangerous rhythm and immense rock vocals, this is a band that impresses with their musical style.

This West Midlands based band comprising of Nik Taylor-Stoakes ( Vocal), Carl Gethin (Guitar), Paul Gethin (Guitar), Ben Picken (Bass) and Luke Middleton (Drums) released their Paint Me The Devil EP in June to rave reviews and it is easy to see why when you listen to just how good it sounds.

Picked up by radio stations such as Planet Rock, XFM and Amazing Radio, their track Left Unspoken got some much deserved airplay and introduced a lot more people to the band. Not content with just radio plays the band also featured on the Bright Sparks CD from Classic Rock in August, attached to Slash on the cover, which also gained a lot of attention.

With the Paint Me The Devil EP comprising of 3 epic rock tracks, this is a band that grabs your attention as soon as you hear the first chords of Left Unspoken, fast paced vocals and riffs, loud and in your face, heavy but melodic, Fire Red Empress have got the whole rock sound. The second track Paint Me The Devil has it all going on, a huge anthem of a song, immense riffs with powerful vocals and a massive rhythm before ending on Behind The Veil, the reverberating guitars sounding downright dirty from the start before crashing into an epic chorus of rock sound. There is also an additional demo track if you purchased the download version of the EP which certainly adds to the mystery of just who this band are.

Not content with producing such a brilliant EP, the band are also on a Tour with Blackwolf and The Brew in September which is going to be one hell of a line up to see and they are also playing the Hard Rock Hell Festival in North Wales in November, so now is the time to catch this band over the next couple of months just to hear how great they also sound live. Having played a number of gigs in the West Midlands over the last few months, it is great that Fire Red Empress are becoming much more well known by a lot more rock fans around the whole of the UK and with the music they produce it’s not going to be long before this is the band that everyone is talking about.

For information about the band their website is, where you can pick up a copy of the excellent EP, check the dates for the tour you are going to want to book and listen to just how brilliant this band sounds when it comes to rock music. They are also on Facebook, Twitter @fireredempress and you can also download the EP from iTunes and Amazon.