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Fire Red Empress

The Amorettes, Dirty Thrills, Fire Red Empress Live At The Borderline, London

The Amorettes


It was the first Planet Rock Live event of the year and it couldn’t have started with a better line up. Hosted by Wyatt Wendels who is at the forefront of featuring new music on his New Rock Show every Saturday, all 3 bands have been heavily featured on the show. Paul Anthony also made an appearance and with many in the audience regular Planet Rock listeners, there was a good turnout for a mid-week gig.
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BlackWolf, Fire Red Empress Live At The Exchange, Bristol


When BlackWolf announced they were doing a small tour and Fire Red Empress were supporting them, I knew that I had to catch them on one of their dates around the country. Unable to make either Oxford or London this left just Bristol as the only chance to catch them live, even though it was the furthest away of all their dates in the south of the country. Being at The Exchange it also meant I didn’t have to find my way around much of Bristol, a city I haven’t visited for almost 30 years and even though it was a 250 mile trip, it was certainly worth it to see both bands play live.
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Featured Band: Fire Red Empress


Fire Red Empress may come across as a band that are a little bit enigmatic but there is nothing mysterious about how much they know about creating songs that are what rock should be all about, songs that stick in your head with huge rock riffs, a dangerous rhythm and immense rock vocals, this is a band that impresses with their musical style.
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