Finland’s fuzz rockers Monsternaut are set to release their new self-titled album on 7th October via Heavy Psych Sounds.

Boasting a sound born out of heavy skate fuzz influence with a tonal touch of Queens of the Stone Age bounce and desert-bred groove, the trio thickens up nod-inducing momentum-rich riffs and offers a return to ’90s stoner heavy purity without sounding retro, or like they’re twenty years behind the times — at least not any more than they want to be. ‘Monsternaut’ promises to deliver this and much more with 9 tracks of dirty fuzzed up stoner rock.

About this debut self-titled LP, the band comments: “We’re happy to have HPS release them as one bundle, but are also more or less ready to record more if the stars keep aligned. Suppose we have to wait and see what happens after this release. Fingers crossed!”

Monsternaut is a straightforward stoner rock band from Kerava in Finland, an unpretentious trio that delivers simple rock’n’roll in the spirit of Fu Manchu and alike. Formed in the winter of 2012 by Tuomas Heiskanen and Perttu Härkönen, the band has shuffled around few drummers before making Jani Kuusela a permanent member in 2014.

The band previously released 2 EP’s in 2012 and 2014 respectively, which offered catchy The Action is Go-style stomp, with a slower lurch that maximizes the groove. The album itself is a combination of these two older recordings, wrapped up in one glorious full length offering.

The album is available for pre-order from Heavy Psych Sounds:



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‘Monsternaut’ Tracklisting:

  1. Dog Town
  2. Back For More
  3. Mountain Doom
  4. Caravan
  5. Black Horizon
  6. Volcanos
  7. Mean Machine
  8. Mexico
  9. Dragons