Bedfordshire rockers SEASONS have released their new video, ‘Empire’. This track is one for lovers of big riffs and catchy choruses, and see’s SEASONS bring a fresh, unique sound to the rock scene.

Commenting on the new single, the band said: “SEASONS has given us all the opportunity to do the things we love the most. In our debut self titled EP we created 4 tracks which we are insanely proud of, the response has been incredible. Now the time has come for us to begin the next chapter. We’re thrilled to get more new songs out there. This is by far the best music we have ever created. This is just the beginning. Get ready… This is our Empire.”

Coming off the back of a very successful debut EP which was released earlier this year, it’s hard not to keep your focus on this exciting quintet. Their self titled first release scored a massive KKKK in Kerrang! magazine, setting the bar high and making them a tough act to level with. Both singles released in 2016, ‘Sailed Ships’ and ‘Seven Years’, have surpassed expectation for a band of their current status, proving that they are surely destined for much bigger and better things!