Italian based Australasia have released their new album ‘Notturno’ via UK based label Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings.

‘Notturno’ is almost entirely instrumental, although there is a vocal accompaniment on ‘Invisible’ from Mina Carlucci of Vostok. With a post-rock, shoegaze influence to the album, there is plenty of rich textures to each track. The album tells the night side of nature and its magnificence, above the misery that humanity left behind.

Australasia is an evolutionary musical project led by multi-instrumentalist Gian Spalluto. Its music evokes emotion and paints vivid pictures for the mind’s eye, transporting the listener far beyond where his physical being is left standing.

Australasia’s music reflects a childood spent listening to Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks, followed by a youth in extreme metal and heavy psych bands that led to a passion for shoegaze, post-rock and Blade Runner-era synthesizers. These different components are not simply juxtaposed each other but come together in a unique blend where different souls coexist and enrich each other.

The album is available via the Apocalyptic Witchcraft bandcamp page and iTunes.

‘Notturno’ Tracklisting :

1. Nebula
2. Eden
3. Kern
4. Creature
5. Invisible
6. Haxo
7. Amnesia
8. Lumen
9. Notturno