Birds Of The Sun

Some blame the internet for the demise of good music, but every once in a while something comes along that blows that theory straight out of the water. A follow on twitter led to discovering Birds of the Sun.

Hailing from Australia, you knew it was going to be good before you even heard a note, as there is such a strong music scene there at the moment, but then their epic sound was enough to thank the god of music for social media.

Check out their video for ‘The Garden Of Eden’ – heavy distorted riffs, a rhythm that has you head banging non stop and a vocal to die for. Add in some Sons Of Anarchy and this is a video match made in heaven.

Birds of the Sun are based in Sunshine Coast, Australia. This 3 piece have so far previewed a few songs with a debut album due out in November. Their latest song ‘Stoner’ is a such a mammoth anthem that it leaves you wanting to hear a lot more from this band.