Miami Based Gorro have a released a 4 track EP ‘Gorro & Friends’.

With an indie influence, that is reminiscent of the new wave of British music, but still retaining an American garage sound to the tracks as well, the songs tracks all feature catchy melodies over a jangling guitar. With a nod to dream pop in places, the entire EP swirls through a number of genres, to produce a delicate yet powerful debut.

From the infectious ‘Princeton (Sir Fur)’, full of indie vibes, the slower, more rhythmic ‘Well Well Well Well Well Well’ has a darker tone and beat, and a stripped back ‘Coucous’ has distorted harmonies over a simple guitar. Rounding off the four tracks with ‘Still’ll’ where the garage influence comes more to the fore, ‘Gorro & Friends’ is a maelstrom of soaring notes and harmonies.

The EP is available from their bandcamp page: http://gorro.bandcamp.com/album/gorro-friends

Gorro is a musical project from Mark Collins, who is very active on the Miami music scene, being part of both Birthday Wish and Couch Tigers. You can check out both bands here:


‘Gorro & Friends’ Tracklisting:

1. Princeton (Sir Fur)
2. Well Well Well Well Well Well
3. Coucous
4. Still’ll