Wired Mind

German heavy psychedelic rock trio Wired Mind have inked an exclusive deal with UK stoner rock label HeviSike Records to release their debut album ‘Mindstate:Dreamscape’ on vinyl, which is set for release on 28 November.

Originally self-released by the band in March this year, the four-song opus has received a positive reaction from the psychedelic and stoner rock community.

‘Mindstate:Dreamscape’ will satisfy both the fan of classic rock and modern European psych. Combining clear influences from 70s legends such as Amon Düül II, Grand Funk Railroad and Black Sabbath but with a modern twist. Nods to Colour Haze, The Machine and Samsara Blues Experiment are evident.

The album follows a journey into the depths of consciousness. Through cosmic jams and the occasional flourish of heavy, the songs explore the intricate caverns of the mind. Imagine a late summer’s sunset. Picture a voyage through the stars. Envisage a collective of minds united by the groove. This is Wired Mind. ‘Mindstate:Dreamscape’ is just the beginning.

HeviSike Records will be giving the album the much-needed vinyl treatment including new mastering and high quality packaging. The record will be pressed on limited edition colour vinyl and will see worldwide distribution:

100 hand numbered copies on transparent yellow vinyl (exclusively at hevisike.com)
200 transparent green copies
200 opaque orange copies

The album is available to pre-order from: http://hevisike.bigcartel.com/product/wired-mind

HeviSike Records was founded in 2013 as a distributor for imported stoner rock, doom and heavy psychedelic rock from North American and Europe. The label now has 8 album releases including Space Witch, Prophets of Saturn and the first in a series of split albums Mos Generator /Stubb .