The Falling Birds

Brooklyn based The Falling Birds have released a new single ‘Sweet Things That Kill’.

With a southern bluesy style, the single packs a powerful punch with its catchy guitar riffs that explode over a pounding rhythm. As the vocal soars melodically over this downright dirty fuzzed up tune of bar blues meets southern rock with a touch of grunge, it certainly makes you prick up your ears and take notice.

The Falling Birds sound, as their name implies, is a fearless launch from the nest into a hopeful expectation of flight that is at once disturbing, compelling and ultimately optimistic. In 2014 The Falling Birds released their first EP, ‘Native America’, a five song chronicle of their experiences and musical influences. ‘Native America’ received significant favourable reviews from independent media which led to their 2015 follow up, ‘Till We All Fall Down’, which will be released this coming fall.

Their musical range, creativity and instrumental skills defy easy categorization. They are consummate storytellers. They spin tales of joy and heartbreak, honed in the cauldron of life growing up in Albany, New York and the rural Mohawk River Valley observing first hand their inexorable economic and social decay.