Jac Dalton

Jac Dalton is set to release his latest album ‘Powderkeg’ on 26th October.

With a classic rock sound reminiscent of many iconic bands, Jac calls upon influences from the past but packages his sound into a modern and fresh maelstrom of power rock. With crunchy guitars and soaring melodic vocals, the guitar solos add additional depth to the tracks, to make this an explosive new album.

Jac Dalton was born and raised in North Carolina before calling Adelaide home, and has raised the bar considerably for contemporary Oz rock, following in the steps of other local native sons who have carved major notches in the genre over the decades. With the collaboration’s ‘all killer, no filler’ repertoire, soaring five-part harmonies, thrashing guitar climaxes – all wrapped around uplifting sentiments – assures an unforgettable performance that resonates not only across global borders, but generations.

Having broken new ground with his first release, the country/rock crossover CD, ‘From Both Sides’ and received huge critical acclaim for the rock monster ‘Icarus’ (with the video ‘For Your Love’ from this album receiving over 278,000 views!), Jac looks now to set the bar even higher with this fantastic 3rd album, ‘Powderkeg’.


‘Powederkeg’ Tracklisting:

1. PowderKeg
2. Blow Me Away
3. Roll With The Punches
4. Sweet Emotion
5. Just Enough To Believe
6. HardCore SuperStar
7. Can’t UnRock Me
8. Let It Go
9. One Heart, One Land
10. When I’m Alone With You
11. Chloe’s Song – LIVE Acoustic