Doctor Goddard

NSW rock band Doctor Goddard have released a new video for their latest single ‘Without Love’, which was released 4th September on Pavement Records.

‘Without Love’ was written and recorded live by Doctor Goddard over a 2 day session in the summer of 2015 and mixed at The Preatures studio, Doldrums. Lyrically about love and music a modern edge bleeds into Without Love whilst also saluting the ghosts of the west coast blues/rock scene in 1970’s America.

Doctor Goddard is a rock band from the Blue Mountains, NSW who “fuse old school Jim Morrison-esque indie rock with distinctly contemporary sounds and production.” Singles ‘Do You Ever’ and ‘The Bar’s All Covered In Lies’ from their debut EP received national airplay on Triple J and have been likened by critics to acts such as The War On Drugs, Pink Floyd and Tame Impala.

The band formed after brothers Mikael Sandström (vocals, guitar) and Nicholas Sandström (drums) met Cleveland, Ohio local Chris Seaman (bass) at a uni poker tournament in 2013 and bonded over a communal love of rock, late night card games and blues music.