Wake The Sun

Long Island, NY-based blues-rock group Wake The Sun have released their debut self-titled EP.

Considering just how much new music there is out there, sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to come across something that gets you excited to hear from just a few notes in, but this certainly happened upon hearing the debut EP from Wake The Sun.

As soon as that kick ass riff played out on the opening track ‘Wicked Souls’, with it’s seductive blues-rock sound over a soaring vocal, we were hooked on their sound. With a combination of raw and polished, a touch of filthiness as a well as a purity of sound, it was one of those epic “yes, just yes” moments.

Having opened with a strong track, you are hoping the rest of the 4 track EP is of the same calibre of greatness, and from the faster paced ‘Grace And Faith’ with a harder rock sound and an anthemic chorus, to the bluesy style of ‘Politics’, with its intense bass line and emotive vocals, each song on the EP is a wow moment from the first listen. With a toned down reprisal of ‘Wicked Souls’ where the sound is more stripped back, and has a more blues-rock twist to the song, this lighter version is no less powerful than its more rocked-up counterpart.

Wake The Sun have released a stunning debut EP and is one of those rare collection of songs that leave you almost begging to hear more. This is one record you really need to hear.

Wake the Sun are Dillon Mealey (lead vocals, primary songwriter), Jeff Alvarado (bass, background vocals, collaborative writer), John Creighton (keyboards) and Jon Brick (drums). All four of them are in their early twenties, so they weren’t around when giants like Zeppelin, Hendrix and Sabbath walked the Earth. Hell, they weren’t even born yet when Metallica and Pearl Jam started out! They may rattle off influences ranging from Howlin’ Wolf to the Stones to Foo Fighters to Kings of Leon, Gary Clark Jr. and the Black Keys, but their music is no retread of anyone else’s: it is, simply, Wake the Sun music.

The EP is available from iTunes and from their Bandcamp page: https://wakethesun.bandcamp.com/


‘Wake The Sun’ Tracklisting:

1. Wicked Souls
2. Grace And Faith
3. Politics
4. Wicked Souls (Montclair Sessions)