Reno McCarthy

UK born, Quebec raised musician Reno McCarthy has released his sophomore EP ‘Man of the City’.

The album focuses on McCarthy’s experiences with love and loss, as well as his desire to make music that truly affects people. “Our lives are so complicated these days with all this negativity out there,” McCarthy says, “so I feel it’s important to create music that doesn’t try to hide that, but focuses on making people not only happy, but want to get off their feet and dance.”

‘Man of the City’, which McCarthy describes as a ‘dance-rock’ album, features five songs all written, produced, and arranged by himself. “Dance-rock is music that is fun and upbeat, with an edgier and cheekier feel than indie music,” said McCarthy. “For my first album, I felt like I was still trying to figure out my sound and what kind of artist I wanted to be. It had a mix of rock, pop, and disco to it. With Man of the City, I feel like I found the sort of music I wanted to make.”

Man Of The City is available from his Bandcamp page:

Man of the City Official Video